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Paper review option for remote students.

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# Final Projects


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# Paper reviews
!!! attention
* Paper reviews are for students in time zones who **cannot** attend live
* Students who are able to attend live lectures should complete a paper
presentation and presentation summary instead.
Students who cannot attend live lectures will complete **one paper review per
week** (10 in all). We will be using HotCRP---standard conference management
software---to manage review uploads and discussions. Reviews must be uploaded
**before the paper is presented in class**.
## What makes a good review?
A good review accomplishes several things:
- It **summarizes** the main contributions of the paper.
- It highlights **strengths and weaknesses** of the paper.
- It **evaluates** the paper, explaining why the reviewer thinks the paper is
strong or weak.
- It gives authors **suggestions to improve** the paper.
## FAQ
- **Can I switch from doing paper presentation/summary to paper reviews or vice versa?**
No: if you are doing paper reviews, you must let me know on the first week of
- **Are late reviews accepted?**
No: reviews must be uploaded before the paper is presented in class.
- **Can I submit more than one review a week?**
No: should submit exactly one review per week.


@ -9,10 +9,16 @@ in data science. The field is eclectic, and so is this course. We will start
with three core areas: **differential privacy**, **adversarial machine
learning**, and **applied cryptography** in machine learning. Then, we will
cover two advanced topic areas; this year, **algorithmic fairness** and **formal
verification** for data science. This is primarily a project-based course,
though there will also be paper presentations and small homework assignments.
verification** for data science. This is a project based course: in small
groups, students will be expected to complete a final project on a technical
topic related to the course.
Besides covering technical material, this course will emphasize research skills:
**reading** research papers, **presenting** technical material, and **writing**
summaries and reviews.
## Logistics
- **Course**: CS 763, Fall 2020
- **Time**: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:30-3:45
- **Location**: BB Collaborate Ultra (BBCU)
@ -21,17 +27,55 @@ For the first ten weeks, lectures will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
In the remaining five weeks, you will work on your course projects. Though there
are no lectures scheduled in this period, I will be available to meet as needed.
## Mailing List
## Accommodations for Remote Students
To provide opportunities for live discussion, lectures will be held
synchronously. To accommodate students attending from other time zones, all
lectures will be recorded and uploaded to BBCU (this may take a few hours).
Students who are not able to attend synchronously will not be able to present a
paper and write a presentation summary. Instead, these students will complete
paper reviews asynchronously. See the [assignments](assignments/presentations)
tab for more information.
## Grading
Grades will be posted on Canvas.
- Presentation and summary
- Paper presentation: **15%**
- Presentation summary: **15%**
- **OR:** Paper reviews **(remote only)**
- 10 reviews: **30%**
- Course project
- Milestone 1: **10%**
- Milestone 2: **10%**
- Final project: **50%**
Everything except the final project will be graded on a simple **3-point**
scale: below expectations, meets expectations, or exceeds expectations. The
final project will be graded on a **10-point** scale.
## Academic Honesty
**Writing is a central part of this course.** All students are expected to
follow academic honesty standards. In brief: all the text that you submit must
be **in your own words**, and you are not allowed to copy anything (from a
paper, or from someone else) without full attribution.
If you are completing paper reviews, you should not search for reviews that may
be online---this is expressly **against the course policies**. You should
complete the review as if you were seeing the paper for the first time.
Please use the mailing list if you want to contact the whole course:
## Piazza
- <>
We will be using Piazza to discuss papers, ask questions, and find group
All registered students should be on this list. If you are not registered but
would like to follow along, please let me know and I will add you.
- <>
Otherwise, you can contact me directly. To ensure that your email goes to the
right place, please start the subject with **CS763**.
You can also contact me directly. To ensure that your email goes to the right
place, please start the subject with **CS763**.
## Course Staff


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- Assignments:
- Presentations: 'assignments/'
- Summaries: 'assignments/'
- Reviews: 'assignments/'
- Projects: 'assignments/'
- Gallery: 'assignments/'