UWisconsin CS 763: Security and Privacy in Data Science (Previously CS 839: Topics in Security and Privacy)
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Welcome to CS 763!

This is a graduate-level course covering advanced topics in security and privacy in data science. We will focus on four areas at the current research frontier: (1) differential privacy, (2) applied cryptography, (3) language-based security, and (4) adversarial machine learning. Students will read, present, and discuss papers from the research literature (i.e., conference and journal papers), and complete a final project.


  • Course: CS 763, Fall 2019
  • Location: CS 1263
  • Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:00-3:15

For the first ten weeks, lectures will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In the remaining five weeks, you will work on your course projects. Though there are no lectures scheduled in this period, I am available to meet as needed.

Mailing List

Please use the mailing list if you want to contact the whole course:

All registered students should be on this list. If you are not registered but would like to follow along, please let me know and I will add you.

Otherwise, you can contact me directly. To ensure that your email goes to the right place, please start the subject with CS763.

Course Staff